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The Speed Gala | Trendy Tuesday

By | Trendy Tuesday

Recently, the Speed exhibit opened at the Utah Museum of Fine Art and we at Culinary Crafts were honored to cater the opening Gala, which was a DEFINITE highlight for the Salt Lake social scene in 2012!  What is the Speed exhibit, you might ask?  Well, the UMFA describes it this way: “This special exhibition will explore the art of the automobile, featuring antique and vintage racing cars that exemplify the beauty of vehicles designed for speed. Artistry and engineering come together in these functional yet highly crafted works of art.”  So lovers of cars and lovers of art unite to enjoy this special showing of some of the most elite and expensive cars around – but the cars almost took second seat to the beautiful gowns, jewels, and finery that came out for it’s premier gala.  So, buckle up, hold tight, and take a look at the opening gala for Speed: The Art of the Performance Automobile!

The event began with a VIP reception complete with Oysters on the Half Shell, Foie Gras, and Caviar!  YUM!

The large shrimp & crab bar with a 3D ice sculpture was made in the image of the Duesenberg masterpiece car.  How cool is that?

The main event featured festive action stations such as the Smoked Pork Shoulder with Papaya and Tomato Relish station and Basil Chicken with Grilled Rainbow Peppers station.

Guests danced the night away to our flaming desserts, macaroons, and be-dazzled bonbons.  What a showstopping night!

A gorgeous Art Deco night full of fabulous food, stellar cars, and a breathtaking venue!  And, remember, the Speed exhibit will be at the UMFA until September 16th – and you don’t want to miss it!  Happy driving (and dreaming!) everyone!

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Photos by Keith Westerberg

The Art of Catering Food Conference | Food Theory Thursday

By | Food Theory Thursday

Today, I’d like to give a shout out to our staff at Catersource‘s The Art of Catering Food Conference being held in Denver, Colorado!  Yesterday was the last day of the conference and I couldn’t wait to show you some of the fantastic presentations Culinary Crafts put together.  Today, I’ll be showing a sneak peek from our “Action Station: How To” presentation we did this week!  As you know, we at Culinary Crafts are huge fans of the dramatic and interactive presentations we’ve created with our action stations.  The guests at our events rave about the presentation – as well as the taste – of these gourmet offerings, and who can blame them?  With the debut of our Ring of Fire and our Make Your Own S’mores Stations, guests have even more to wonder at.  Take a look at some of the slides from our “How To”!

Yum!  We are so thrilled to have been asked to participate in the Art of Catering Food Conference.  It was truly a wonderful and thought provoking event filled with so many industry peers we love.  Stay tuned for more coverage on this event to come!  Happy Thursday, everyone!

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Photos by Logan Walker, A Pepper Nix Photographer and Keith Westerberg

What I’ve Learned At Culinary Crafts | Monday Musings

By | Monday Musings

Our wedding planner extraordinaire, Miss Holly Fowler, who has been with us only 8 months – but is already very much a part of the family – sent over this list and I couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you!  Take it away, Holly!


1. Catering is a lot of long hours and hard work.

2. The Culinary Crafts Team is a big happy and supportive family.

3. Catering is so much more than long buffets and chaffing dishes.

4. Lunch time is awesome – Thanks kitchen staff for the good laughs and good food.

5. The client comes first, ALWAYS!

6. There are some amazing venues and vendors is this valley.  I have enjoyed touring and meeting everyone, without their support our job would be very challenging.

7. MY favorite thing to eat – Orange Rolls fresh out of the oven.  YUM!
8. Culinary Crafts support FRESH AND LOCAL!!!

9. Culinary Crafts will and does think outside of the box to meet the clients idea and expectations for their event.

10. Mary is simply AMAZING! Thanks for starting Culinary Crafts 27 years ago and allowing me the opportunity to join in the fun.

One last thing I’d love to share is this quote, which I think is perfect for Culinary Crafts:
“A good dinner is of great importance to good talk.  One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Thank you so much for sharing your insider’s view with us, Holly!  We love to call you part of the Culinary Crafts team!  Have a happy Pioneer Day, tomorrow everyone!  We’ll be back with more fantastic posts on Wednesday!

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Photos by Logan Walker and Pepper Nix Photography

Natural & Elegant Wedding | Trendy Tuesday

By | Trendy Tuesday

Happy Monday everyone!!!  To celebrate the wedding season, I wanted to share a wedding with you that is simply AMAZING.  Elegant, gorgeous, stylish, and of course, full of delicious food from yours truly!  Mara Marian-Harwood of Events by LMG designed this stunning wedding which was held at the Salt Lake Hardware building in the heart of downtown. She really utilized the space’s inherent beauty to create a contemporary event full of natural touches and chic finishes – and it was all flawless, as usual!  Take a look!

Vineyard tables and bench seating create a cozy, family-style feel to the event while chic lounge seating allow guests to mingle and relax while having a fabulous evening.  The simple and gorgeous centerpieces give a sense of elegance, yet stay low so people can see each other and talk without obtrusive arrangements.  I love the use of varying linens to give it a cohesive yet eclectic feel!

The romantic vibe was carried through by the use of lots of candles, soft strung lights, and pretty crystal votives hung from the ceiling.  The overall feeling was warm and inviting, even in such a large space.

Butler passed hors d’oeuvres were an upscale touch to keep the guests mingling and their hunger satisfied!

The bride a groom created custom action stations with their favorite foods to share with guests – SO CUTE!  Plus the custom signage was beautiful and let the guests know the menu choices!


I love the milk and cookie shooters!  Such a fun twist on a comfort classic.

This wedding was a show-stopper for sure, which goes to prove that simple and elegant don’t always have to be boring or something you’ve seen before.  Sometimes sticking with natural, yet beautiful touches can go a long way to creating an event that your guests won’t soon forget!  And, as always, having a wedding planner extraordinaire like Mara doesn’t hurt either!!!

We’d also like to mention that we so EXCITED to see this wedding featured in the newest issue of Salt Lake/Park City Bride and Groom – which is out on newsstands now!  Such a gorgeous wedding and it fits in perfectly with the other AMAZING weddings and features we have come to expect from the SLPC Bride and Groom team and we are so thrilled to have been a part of it!  Go pick up a copy of Salt Lake/Park City Bride and Groom and as always, happy planning everyone!

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Event design and planning: Events by LMG

Photos by Logan Walker of Pepper Nix Photography

How To Make An Italian Soda | Food Theory Thursday

By | Food Theory Thursday

One of Culinary Crafts’s favorite summer beverages is an Italian Soda!  While many people may be thinking, hey, how to you ‘make’ an Italian soda?  Don’t you just go buy one from a fancy import store?  Well, no, I’m talking about a TRUE Italian Soda made with delicious Italian flavored syrup, a splash of cream, and soda – creating a fabulous and refreshing summer treat!  It really is so easy to make one of these beautiful drinks.  As you can see above, you simply fill any tall glass about 2/3 of the way with ice (we prefer our frosted zombie glass if we really want to go all out), then you add the flavored syrup.  Not too much because it will be too sweet, so fill about 1/4 of the glass with the syrup or 1/3 if you’d like a little more flavoring.  Next, you fill the glass with cream (like Half and Half) til the glass is about 2/3 full, then finish by filling the glass the rest of the way with club soda (or sprite, if you’d like it sweeter).  Voila!  An Italian Soda is made – and how tasty they are!  Hopefully you love these sodas as much as we do!  Happy creating everyone!

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Photos via Keith Westerberg

The Hope Gallery | Wednesday Wisdom

By | Wednesday Wisdom

Today, I want to share another of Culinary Crafts’s favorite downtown venues, The Hope GalleryThe Hope Gallery boasts one of the most breathtaking and beautiful collections of art around (between the 2 Salt Lake collections and one in Park City), not to mention the main Salt Lake City location is a STUNNING venue for someone wanting something a little different and appreciates great artists and their work!  Your guests will be pleased and definitely have a lot to admire!!!  Take a look!

We love the gorgeous setting that The Hope Gallery creates and you can definitely see the possibilities of an AMAZING event, like this one we did there recently.  The Hope Gallery is a fantastic choice for any wedding reception or party and it’s also just a hop, skip, and jump away from Culinary Crafts’s new downtown offices!  So you can tour the space right after meeting with us to decide on any number of fabulous linens we have that would be gorgeous there!  Happy planning everyone!

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Photos via Logan Walker of Pepper Nix Photography

You Scream, We Scream, All Scream For Ice Cream! | Trendy Tuesday

By | Trendy Tuesday

As the days soar into higher and higher temperatures, we at Culinary Crafts welcome this ever growing trend of everything ice cream!  For summer events, we have long seen people thinking of this sweet treat to help their guests cool down a bit, but recently we have really loved seeing this trend explode and bring in some truly fun and creative innovations and new pairings!  We love serving our house made gelato in our mobile cold case and providing a toppings bar or serving cones in our ice cream tutu!  Even beyond that though, we love that people are requesting over the top, old fashioned ice cream sodas, brownie souffles à la mode, the ring of fire donut à la mode action station, and, YES, our new found favorite – PRETZEL CONES.  Oh my goodness!  Pair that with our DIVINE caramel gelato and I am in heaven!!!  Happy weekend everyone!

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Brownie image via Naminha Panela, Pretzel Cone image via Edible Crafts, all other images from Keith Westerberg, Logan Walker of Pepper Nix Photography, and Pepper Nix of Pepper Nix Photography

Grillin’ Time Repost | Food Theory Thursday

By | Food Theory Thursday

Hi All!  I hope you had a fantastic 4th of July!  In honor of summer and the grilling that is a perfectly suited for the weather we are having, I am pleased to repost this fantastic recipe Mary shared with Marcie of Kiss the Blog – our Chef-Torched Bistecca California with Peperonata, Baked Ricotta, and Lemon (which is also our recipe of the month)!  You can see it here.  Thank you so much for sharing this, Marcie!  We love your blog and your always kind words!  Happy grilling everyone!

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Photography by Logan Walker of Pepper Nix Photography

McCune Mansion | Trendy Tuesday

By | Trendy Tuesday

Today, I want to share one of Culinary Crafts’s FAVORITE downtown venues, the McCune Mansion!  This gorgeous gem is in the heart of Salt Lake City and is a favorite for someone seeking the epitome of elegance, beauty, and grandeur for their event.  We are lucky enough to have done many show stopping events there throughout the years and are always amazed at the stunning architecture and gorgeously appointed rooms that the McCune Mansion boasts.  Whether you are hoping to hold a beautiful ceremony, drop-dead gorgeous reception, or one of a kind corporate event, the McCune Mansion is the perfect place for you!!!  Take a look!

What an AMAZING place, right?  We love the McCune Mansion and are simply thrilled to be able to offer such a space to our clients!  Happy planning everyone!

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Photos courtesy of Pepper Nix Photography and Logan Walker of Pepper Nix Photography