About Us

Meet the dream team of catering

Yes, we've won a lot of awards, but the way we see it, we're really only as good as our last event. It's our mission to take care of people, especially through great food and service. We've got the talent, creativity, and know-how to make that happen at every event we do as the lead catering company in Utah.

Executive Team

Ryan knows catering like the back of his hand. The palms of his hands however, show signs of a childhood spent doing dishes, repairing trucks, and playing with fire. Ryan lives and breathes the art of catering. His work, and passions are one.

Ryan Crafts

President and Chief Operations Officer

Kaleb was born the year Culinary Crafts began. Learning the catering business from the ground up is a slam dunk when you start out crawling on the kitchen floor. Kaleb loves people, he loves food, and he loves bringing them together. Born to cater.

Kaleb Crafts

President and Chief Sales Officer

When Mary started Culinary Crafts in 1984, her goal was for the company to always be the best it could be. Embodying that core value for 35+ years has put Culinary Crafts at the top of its field. Setting, and raising the bar to ever higher levels for gold standard catering in Utah.

Mary Crafts


Director Team

Meagan Price

Director of Marketing

Jocelyn Gillies

Director of Sales

Brandon Roddy

Director of Culinary Production

Clayton Price

Director of Event Operations

Danielle Mahoney

Director of Staff Development

Adam King

Director of Human Resources

Sales & Administration Team

Amber King

Wedding & Event Specialist

Madison Ver Steeg

Wedding & Sales Specialist & Kimball Terrace Manager

Jinous Jahromi

Wedding & Event Specialist

Anne McGarry

Accounts Receivable

Nick Bergstrom

Office Manager

Matt Kennington

Content Creation

Culinary Production Team

Culinary Production Leadership

Hunter Hunt

Head Chef

Robert Mendoza

Chef de Cuisine

Chris Riding

Sous Chef

Dardree Mcclellan

Head Pastry Chef

Event Operations Team

Event Operations Leaders

Chris Brady

Event Manager

Casey Braithwaite

Event Manager

Allan Barry

Event Manager

Melissa Chesdister

Staffing Manager

Aubrey Rodgers

Bar Manager

Sara Brimhall

Field Kitchen Manager

Alan Starks

Field Kitchen Manager

Gary James

Bar Logistics Manager

Tyler Atene

Field Kitchen Manager

Sabria Brady

Field Kitchen Manager

Mary Olsen

Field Kitchen Manager

Jenna Winger

Event Manager

Jessica Perry

Event Manager

Robin Kocherhans

Field Kitchen Manager

Ricky Ray Orban

Bar Manager

Alexis McMurdie

Field Kitchen Manager

20x winner Utah’s Best of State

16x Best of State Caterer

3x Best of the Best / Hospitality

1x Entrepreneur of the Year