August 17, 2018

August Recipe of the Month: Melon, Prosciutto, Mozzarella, and Arugula Salad


Ingredients 1 Fresh Cantaloupe 2-4 oz Creminelli Prosciutto 2 cups Mozzarella balls Dressing 1/2 c olive oil 1/4 cup white balsamic vinegar 3 TBSP honey salt and pepper to taste melon baller Directions Cut cantaloupe in half and clean out the center. Use your melon baller to create small spheres of cantaloupe. Cut prosciutto into thin strips, and toss with melon spheres and mozzarella. For dressing, combine ingredients and whisk rapidly for 30 seconds. Drizzle over salad. Serve and enjoy!

August 6, 2018

Not all oil is created equal: How to pick olive oil from the grocery store


 Olive oil, is one of the base ingredients for cooking. It is one of the first things you should have in your cooking cupboard. For the home chef, you have probably been buying olive oil for years. . However there are always dozens of options at the store. How do you choose? These few tips and tricks will help you when buying your olive oil to make your next recipe even better! Fancy words don't always equal quality product! When buy olive oil watch out for words like "Extra Lite." This is a product that they take about 10% olive oil and use canola oil to fill in the extra. It doesn't have the same flavor or the same use. If the bottle indicates it is good for "Frying" this is another tip of that it is not true olive oil. Olive oil has a low ignition point. Which means it will smoke or catch fire even at about 320 degrees not high enough to fry. This word is usually the tip off that it is not pure olive oil. Cold Pressed and Extra Virgin When shopping for olive oils the words to look for are First Cold Pressed and Extra Virgin. This means that no heat was applied during the extraction process and it is the first press of the olives. Heat can speed up the extraction which makes it more easier but can change the flavor, Cold Pressed olive oil will give you the purest flavor. Extra Virgin oil is the oil that comes from the first pressing of olives. Some oils you will see in the store are labeled as just "Virgin" or even just "Olive Oil." These oils would come from the second pressing of the olives or even just the pressing of the pomace- the pulpy remains after the first and second pressing. Color of the bottle and the oil  Also look for a dark bottle. Olive oil should be stored in a dark bottle, in a cool dark place. This will give your olive oil the longest shelf life. Additives  Many olive oils now that you can buy in the store are infused. Often with herbs, spices and citrus. These can be fun and flavorful additions but don't buy something like this over a good quality olive oil. It will do more to your food than these extra additives. Extra: Origin of the Olive  Olives from different regions have different flavors. If you want to add a fun element to your next party, do an olive oil tasting and try the olives from different countries. Italy, Greece and California would be a great place to start!    

July 26, 2018

Featured Venue: Union Event Center


Culinary Crafts gets to host events at some of the best venues anywhere!  We also get to check out some spaces that maybe you haven't heard about (but are AMAZING) and then let you, our awesome readers, know AAAALLL about them! Today, we wanted to showcase one such venue: The Union Event Center.  This GIANT space can host up to 3,500 people and is a completely flexible space with three full-service bars, upper level club area, catering services, professional stage and audio equipment, AND is located conveniently near Downtown SLC with public transportation nearby. Keep reading to check out more about this fantastic venue! The Union Event Center can also seat more than 550 guests for a banquet style event on our main level which leaves the mezzanine open for a cocktail hour, silent auction, or any other pre-party plans!  Pretty amazing, right??? Not only is this place massive (and pretty darn cool!) there are 4 green rooms, 6 restrooms, an outside deck, full service kitchen, loading dock, AND a high operating stage. With our audio/visual services, you will be able to fully customize your event with custom lighting, concert level sound, and a technician to run the show!  So you can definitely host dinner with a show (whatever it may be) here! SOOOO many possibilities at this space and setting for some truly EPIC events!  If this space looks like it would be perfect for your event, give them a call 385-831-7770 for availability and pricing!  Happy planning, everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at!

July 18, 2018

July Recipe of the Month: Grilled Peaches with Chevre and Honey


  This is one of our favorite summer dishes utilizing fresh and local flavors. Grilled peaches are a great dessert for any summer barbecue, but especially fun for Pioneer Day celebrations. You'll blow your guests away with this vibrant combination of grilled fruit, goat cheese and honey! Ingredients fresh local peaches Slide Ridge Honey Drake Family Farm's goat cheese Directions wash your peaches, slice in half, remove the pits. Drizzle 1/2tsp honey on peaches. Put cut side down on your grill for about 4 minutes on a medium heat. Pull from grill and put a scoop of goat cheese in the center of the peach while hot. Drizzle with more honey. Serve warm. For extra sweetness you can switch out the goat cheese for your favorite ice cream! Yummm!

July 10, 2018

What is in season now? Our 10 favorite flavors of summer!


Summer is the best season for eating fresh local produce. It is also the time you can buy local produce almost everywhere! With all the neighborhood farmer's markets and produce stands you can cook with the freshest ingredients and add a whole new level to your summer cooking! Here’s our list of 10 favorite summer flavors you can find fresh right now.
Peaches Berries of all kinds- Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries Beets Carrots Cherries
Melons of all kinds- Watermelon, Honeydew, cantaloupes Summer Squash Tomatoes
Next week we’ll be sharing one of our favorite summer recipes for you to try featuring some of these great flavors. MEET ONE OF OUR FAVORITE GROWERS Strong Vertical Farms We would love to introduce you to Strong Vertical Farms! Debbie and Grant Strong started SVG out of their home in Park City, Utah in November 2012. It was their vision to provide locally grown fresh produce to chefs and grocery stores 365 days a year by growing indoors. Five years later, they are in their new 11,000 square foot growing facility located in Charleston UT.  They utilize state of the art systems to accomplish the climate controlled environment needed to grow indoors. The facility has the most updated water treatment, LED lighting & nutrient injection systems available in the market today. Since they grow their greens hydroponically (no soil) the water and nutrients are key to delivering safe quality produce. The water is recaptured and reused then sent through an ozonating system that kills pathogens and bacteria insuring a safe product. The byproduct of this system is oxygen that enriches the plants flavor, longevity and appearance. The produce is grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides and is NON-GMO.  The produce is sustainable, consistent and protected from weather and pests.
You can find their fabulous microgreens and lettuces at select Smiths, Harmons in Holiday and Taylorsville, and Wholefoods. And, happily, they also sell edible flowers! Hoping you can find time to enjoy all the vibrant flavors of this beautiful season.
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