February 24, 2012

Cake Alternatives | Favorite Finds Friday


Many of you out there are dreaming of the traditional fondant covered cake with 5 tiers and intricate details.  These beauty are eye catching treats that make a statement in any reception and elicit 'oohs' and 'ahs' galore.  But what if you are not one of these brides and you are looking something different?  Something even more different than even cupcakes?  Well, you are in luck!  I have rounded up my favorite alternatives for any bride.  Take a look! These cakes are still in traditional fashion, but they focus on putting their own twist on things.  A strawberry shortcake offering, varieties of 'cake shooters' or an angel food comfort classic cake, these are perfect for the bride and groom who may not love fondant, but still wants to offer a cake at their reception. Pies and tarts are the perfect casual dessert for a couple who definitely does not like cakes, but loves a more traditional dessert.  Perfect for casual backyard summer weddings, you can have fun by offering different flavors or offer the same but displaying it in different ways! For those with a sweet tooth, this is definitely your type of wedding 'cake'!  Oreos, doughnuts, truffles, and rice crispy treats are all whimsical and delicious ways to make your wedding dessert a little different.  My favorite are the mini doughnuts, so cute! The health conscious bride is usually left adrift in a sea of refined sugars and super sweet options.  I love this play on a watermelon 'cake' and is perfect for a super healthy, yet sweet, dessert!  I love this idea!!!