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January 27, 2017

Friday Instagram of the Week!


CC_IGofTW95 For today's Instagram of the Week, we have picked an AWESOME capture from one of our GORGEOUS (and amazing!) brides, @fearnofight!  We love it when our couples post fun things like this from their wedding day and it makes everyone at Culinary Crafts feel so happy to have added a special memory like this for our clients - So fun!  Thank you so much for sharing!  And, remember, for your chance to be next week's Instagram of the Week, remember to tag us at @culinarycrafts or add the hashtag #culinarycrafts to your posts and check back to see who gets picked next!  Happy weekend, everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at!

October 13, 2015

Recipe of the Month: Individual Apple Crostata


May 4, 2010

Culinary Crafts Wins Best of Utah County



January 11, 2010

French Macaroons


People often wonder how new trends develop in creative fields like culinary arts.  Culinary artists look to many different places for inspiration, and one sure place to find it is the classics.   A prime example of a classic that has caught on in the United States is the french macaroon. Don't let their unassuming appearance fool you.  These jewel-like cookies are a perfect storm of complex textures, clean flavors, and brilliant colors.  The macaroon has gained favor with food enthusisasts due to the combination of a crisp, smooth - bordering on ceramic - finish on the outside and a chewy, sweet center.   Culinary Crafts is excited to offer this delicate treat in every color and flavor imaginable, adding a subtle delicacy to any event. 

October 20, 2009

New Ideas for Utah Catering


One of the most exciting parts of doing research and development for our catering company is traveling to the coasts (both east and west) for inspiration!   International Caterers Association presented a Day of Education: Design, Trends, & Resources on Monday, August 17th. Produced and presented by Good Gracious! Events and Jay’s Catering, at Jay’s Catering in Orange County, CA. It was a full day of information and resources presented in an entertaining and fun way. Very interactive. These Regional Education Days (RED) are held at different locations throughout the year. This is a great way to stay informed and connected.  These are some of the great ideas we brought home to Utah!

August 10, 2009

Culinary Crafts wins Best of State



February 19, 2009

Culinary Crafts’ Foodies!


Kami & Keith, putting their heads together So who's behind the great Culinary Crafts marketing you see all over the inter mountain west?'s us!   Keith Westerberg and Kami St. John, of Flourish Art & Design. We've been working with Culinary Crafts since 2001 and are responsible for their photography, branding, graphics and marketing style. A note about their food shots. All the photos you see are from actual Culinary Crafts events. We never use stock photos in CC's marketing.  Hard to believe, but true....their food looks fantastic and tastes even better. A little bit more about us....We are confirmed "foodies" through and through. We love to grow our own vegetables, cook and eat.  As contributors to their blog, we'll share juicy tidbits about Culinary Craft's marketing and public relations activities, and occassional tales of our own food adventures. Have a great day - Kami & Keith, the marketing foodies And for dessert, Culinary Craft's......

January 29, 2009

2009 Wedding Show


 Hi bloggers - In case you didn't make it to the 2009 Wedding Show in Salt Lake City, we thought you might like to see some photos we took of the absolutely gorgeous Culinary Crafts booth.  Shimmering with gold linens,  the  presentation featured beautiful table settings, an assortment of delicious small plate appetizers and desserts,  and a totally cool (pun intended) ice sculpture table top with fresh flowers. Enjoy the show!   Kami St. John & Keith Westerberg  Flourish Art & Design, Graphic Design & Photography for Culinary Crafts

19x winner Utah’s Best of State

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