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August 30, 2009

Culinary Crafts on Get Married


cc-2673loresOne of the highlights of 2009 at Culinary Crafts was our Las Vegas wedding for 1600 guests!  Colin Cowey contacted me about 2 days before the wedding and wanted to send a film crew to shot some shots of this huge wedding.  I was quite stressed the day of the event with all the last minute details, but fortunately I had Rachel, Ryan, and Kaleb from the Culinary Crafts Dream Team to make sure my vision happened.  I was able to take 30 minutes just before guests arrived and film with the crew from Colin Cowey's "Get Married" Wedding Show. We had set up lots of lounge vignettes for guests to enjoy during the celebration and we also set up a special VIP lounge just for the wedding party.  Your immediate wedding party will love having a place all their own to relax before the reception and to find a quite moment during a high-energy celebration.  You can view this short video on Get Married.

July 21, 2009

Summer Outdoor Weddings #3


We can turn any backyard into a spectacular reception but it was an easy task at this breathtaking estate up Hobble Creek Canyon. With 1000 guests, the parents wanted to create a fun reception with fun food for all their young guests that was not going to break the bank. Gourmet Tortilla Chips with a delicious homemade salsa bar was the perfect selection for this crowd. Check out the Cotton Candy station and the Chic Candy station...a hit with young and old. The hit of the evening were our mobile ice cream buffets serving our scrumptious home made ice creams and sorbets. A flavored water station looks amazing but adds no cost to the reception. You can see what a fun night of celebration was created with the eye-popping colors, her unique centerpieces, and custom tent decorations. Design Elites talents and touches were everywhere. Much love, Mary Photos By Magnifique Photography

July 14, 2009

Summer Outdoor Weddings #2


Remember the fabulous outdoor wedding for Jentry McKell I talked about last week? Here are some of my favorite photos of this glorious celebration: To add an elegant touch to the dining tables, we pre-set a miniature green martini glass with shrimp, lime, and gazpacho. The entree plate was a light summer presentation of grilled chicken, papaya, and avocado over baby mache greens with toasted hazelnuts. The plate was drizzled with a papaya honey dressing and an edible orchid finished the presentation. Jentry had a lot of nieces and nephews so she wanted to make sure there was something for them. We served a fun kids plate complete with pizza, chicken fingers, watermelon, and carrots with ranch. And, of course, this all flows flawlessly with our expert professional service personnel! More on this wedding to come next week...Much love, Mary Photos By Magnifique Photography

July 7, 2009

Summer Outdoor Weddings #1


We are in full swing of the wedding season at Culinary Crafts and there's nothing quite as lovely as a home garden wedding! One of my favorite styles of celebrations is to serve a nicer dinner to the close family and friends and then follow the dinner with a light summer reception for the larger group of reception guests. This gives the opportunity to have a more intimate setting with those guests who really matter to you and where you can focus the financial resources for a more elegant approach. Jentry McKell started her dinner with a few butler-passed hors d'oeuvres and a signature lavender-sugar rimmed lime mojito. The dining tables in bright citrus colors popped even more with the use of our emerald green goblets. A single colored glass on the table is a real dazzler! I love when brides select a formal head table so they can see everyone and everyone can see them! More on this wedding to follow next week...Much love, Mary Photos By Magnifique Photography

May 27, 2009

Dear Mary,


mary-headshot1Hello Brides!   We have hundreds of you that are following our blog every week.  This is pretty amazing to me as I can't imagine how people find time to do this in our busy lives!!   If any of you have topics you would like to have me write about or question regarding just about anything to do with weddings, please leave a comment.  I'd be happy to share advise, experience, wedding referrals & vendor recommendations, and ideas on all things weddings...and for that matter, about life in general.   In the past 25 years, as I have sat with brides, their mothers, their grooms, their bridesmaids, their mother-in-laws, their step mothers, etc., I have encountered about every question and every situation imaginable!  Consider this your  "Dear Abby" column and I look forward to connecting with you.  And remember to fill your life with scrumptious food and joy!    Mary

May 17, 2009

Buffets go MOBILE!! Culinary Crafts newest creation!


First we went "vertical" with our buffets....then we went "floating"....and now we've gone "mobile"!    Here's are newest funky presentation idea: The Acrylic "Mobile Buffet"!  The mobile buffet is a novel idea to move food to the guests rather than the guests to the food.  We use these to serve cupcakes, ice cream cones, or bamboo cones filled with with hors d'oeuvres.  Here we are presenting a variety of savory tastes:  Thai Beef Salad with Cilantro and Lime;  Pomme Frits with Fried Sage and Bleu Cheese Aioli;  Assorted Vegetable Chips with Sea Salt.  The possibilities are endless and you're sure to see these at many of our signature events!

May 14, 2009

Culinary Crafts on Lifetime


Many of you saw my blog post about our Las Vegas weddingfor 1600 people!  Here is a link to the TV show Getting Married by the design guru Colin Cowey.  They heard about our wedding and came to film a spot for their show.  We were very honored to be on this show as Colin Cowey is the most renowned wedding planner....pretty much in the whole world!!!  Our clip is at the very end of the video which about 3 minutes in length.  Have fun watching!  Much love,  Mary

May 13, 2009

Culinary goes “Retro” with demi hors d’oeuvres!


One of the best parts of being a caterer is the continual development of new looks, new tastes, and new presentations.  We recently creating 3 new hors d'oeuvres for our ever-growing repertoire of small plate ideas with a retro touch.  Everyone loves those mini slider burgers but we've been experimenting with different meats and flavors.  This is my new favorite inspired from one of my favorite chefs--Cindy Pawlcyn. Mini duck burgers with Shiitake Mushroom Ketchup and Chinese Mustard moist and I love the Asian flavors. Pomme Frits (aka French Fries) in petite parchment cones with Fried Sage and Rosemary served with Bleu Cheese Aioli...You can't stop eating these!  Danger!  Danger! Trio of Mexican Mini Tacos:  Seared Tenderloin with Cilantro and Daikon Radishes, Roasted Sweet Peppers with Fennel and Pepperjack, Spicy Fish with Red Cabbage and Guacamole ...all decked out on citrus slices and served in a bamboo boat. How fun are these!! Try these at your next gathering as great comfort food but with a classy touch!

May 8, 2009

Unique Wedding Favors


One of the most gracious gestures a bride can offer her guests is a parting wedding favor that says "Thank you for coming.  I'm grateful for your presence in my life ".  The most popular favors are the "Candy Station" and you can view our website for many of these great displays.  Another idea is an individually packaged treat in a box with your wedding colors and your monogram...very classy.  Or think of something unique to you and make a gift with the personal touch such as a CD with your favorite recipes or favorite music.  These are easy to customize with your photo on the CD and tied with a ribbon in your wedding colors. The best idea to come around this year is the "Donation Scroll".  This is a small custom scroll given to the guest thanking them for being part of your celebration and listing the charitable organization you donated to in lieu of a parting favor.  I love this idea, as the charitable organization can reflect your unique passion for a certain cause and even include a photo of the organization or your personal volunteer work.  What better way to begin a marriage union than committing to a life of service and giving.

April 20, 2009

Mary’s Favorite Wedding Tips #5


5)  The Butler-passed Hors d'oeuvre will never go out of style. What could be more gracious than serving guests one-on-one with trays of exquisitely garnished bite-sized masterpieces by handsome waiters.  Fabulous!  It is the perfect way to greet guests before a wedding dinner and start the conversation hour.  It is also a gracious way to greet guests at a large reception as waiters share the vision and flow of the evening with newly arriving guests.  If the bride is planning a receiving line, the passed hors d'oeuvre is a welcome treat as guests wait to greet the couple.  A beverage station positioned by the entrance is another way to say "Welcome--we're so glad you're here"!  Hope you have enjoyed reading and have found some unique ideas to fit your perfect style! Mary Crafts

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