Friday Instagram of the Week!

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This week’s Instagram of the Week is an AMAZING appetizer that was photographed by our über talented Executive Chef, Marco Niccoli!  As he says in his post, this app is a bite of the holiday – and we couldn’t agree more!  For more delicious dishes from the Culinary Crafts kitchen, follow Marco at @marconiccoli, and remember to add the hashtag #culinarycrafts or tag @culinarycrafts in your posts to be next week’s Instagram of the Week!  Happy weekend, everyone!

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A Handmade Wedding Featured!

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Well, we are so happy that Bride Access‘s You May Kiss The Blog featured another one of our FANTASTIC events this year and we had to share it with you!  This one, which was just gorgeous anyway, was also the inspiration for the creation of Blue Bird Vintage Rentals.  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their vintage china and linen rentals and are so happy the Mother of the Bride saw a need for this type of service in Utah!  Go check out the blog and if you are wanting the eclectic beauty of the vintage rentals seen in this event, definitely check out Blue Bird Vintage Rentals!  Happy reading everyone!

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Photos by Kelli Bramble Photography

Honeymoon Idea: Southern Utah

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Sometimes, I forget the vast and varying beauty that we have right here in Utah.  From the mountains to the red rock and everything in between, we are truly blessed to live in a place with such epic natural beauty – whether it be a short jaunt away or right out our back door.  Because of this, I felt like it was high time to suggest an AMAZING honeymoon option for our many couples that we at Culinary Crafts are so lucky to work with that is close to home, yet a world away.  Where am I thinking, you may ask?  Well, Southern Utah of course!  It is such a GORGEOUS place to visit with so many places to go, that it is truly a wonderful place for a honeymoon – or even a romantic retreat for your anniversary or just a relaxing getaway.  In fact, our very own Mary Crafts-Homer and her hubby, Rick, recently celebrated their 2nd anniversary at The Lodge at Red River Ranch in Torrey, Utah!  Check it out!


The views from The Lodge at the Red River Ranch.  How stunning would this be to wake up to every morning?


A true retreat, this lodge boasts acres of land around them, so you are able to truly relax in the peace and tranquility of Southern Utah.


How amazing is this Grand Room?  Gorgeously appointed, you’ll feel the richness of the lodge but with the coziness of home.  Perfect for any getaway!



What a breathtaking room and I LOVE the fireplace!  Each room at the lodge is different, but all are awesome – so you can choose the room that will be a perfect fit for the vacay of your dreams!


A nearby restaurant that Mary and Rick loved was Cafe Diablo!  Their southwest cuisine is DELICIOUS and right in the heart of the beautiful landscape.  Not a bad place to grab some scrumptious food and take in your surroundings!

Southern Utah is really a great place to relax, explore, and have some time away.  Whether you love hiking, fishing, horseback riding, nature exploration, spa days, or just peaceful time to rejuvenate – Southern Utah has it all!  Definitely consider it if you are thinking of a honeymoon nearby or a quick getaway!  Happy traveling, everyone!

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Photos of The Lodge at Red River Ranch via their website here; Photos of Cafe Diablo via their Facebook Page


Halloween Party Ideas: Part 1, The Inspiration Board

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Today, I have a fun and festive treat for you!  I asked our event planner extraordinaires, Holly Fowler and Mary Crafts-Homer, to come up with some fun ideas for your upcoming Halloween parties!  Today, we have Holly’s ideas for the decor and activities.  Take it away Holly!

“One of our favorite family traditions is our annual pumpkin carving party.  There is nothing better than a hand carved pumpkin – and with the plastic pumpkins available this tradition is going away, sadly.  One of the reasons, in my opinion, is getting the inside of the pumpkin cleaned is so hard!  Well, here’s a family tip: Kerr canning lids are the trick to the clean pumpkin.  The metal edge scrapes and clean like nothing else.  Another way I like to set the mood is with candles, candles and more candles. Candlelight instantly creates a mood which is perfect for a halloween party!  Especially if you add the light of your freshly carved pumpkins!  Another great, and inexpensive, idea is to use cheesecloth to decorate mantles, tables, porches, etc.  It’s fun and spooky with the look of spiderwebs but is a lot easier to use than the stringy, sticky spider web.  For this pumpkin carving party, I thought it would be great to create an autumal color palette that really played up the activity of the night, and was fun, yet pretty and perfect for guests of all ages!  Happy Halloween!”

Thank you, Holly, for those awesome ideas!  Stay tuned for Mary’s Frightentingly Fabulous Halloween Menu!  Happy Halloween everyone!

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Photo credits – Row 1: Pumpkins via Designer Mag, Apple decoration via I Said Yes… Now What?; Row 2: ‘Welcome Friends’ arrangement via, Cobwebbed candles via Martha Stewart, Bat & Window decoration via Designer Mag, Pumpkin centerpiece via Designer Mag, Candlelit table via Hedgehogs & Leaves, Spooky pumpkin path via Martha Stewart

Food Theory Thursday: Molecular Gastronomy

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Mo•lec•u•lar gas•tron•o•my (noun) – A discipline practiced by both scientists and food professionals that studies the physical and chemical processes that occur while cooking.

So, what does that mean?  Well, it means that there is a new trend emerging in the culinary world that ups our ability to arrange, create, layout, and manipulate food to epic proportions!   Instead of putting ginger or soy atop sushi as it naturally is, you could create a foam with all the essence and flavor of the real thing, but what a totally different interpretation!  Or, instead of the traditional bruschetta, you could create glistening beads of tomato goodness and impress your guests!  And, even more awesome, they make beginner’s kits (available on Amazon and other retailers) that can kick start you to becoming a seasoned food science whiz!  As caterers, we are constantly looking for new ways to ‘wow’ our clients and stay in touch with the latest trend – and we are DEFINITELY excited about this one!  Hopefully this inspires you to think out of the box and get creative!  Happy experimenting!

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Photo credits:

Arugula spaghetti, shrimp skewer, sushi, bruschetta on crostini, and kit from Amazon‘s product preview

Red plating and green soup plating on top row from Flip Your Brain

Bruschetta in a spoon from Miami New Times ‘Short Order’ Blog

Beet foam from UFunk

‘Caviar’ on creme fraiche from How Stuff Works

Second post

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Spotlight On: Mary’s Wedding!

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Hi all!  Today for Mary’s Wedding Spotlight, we have another post from the wonderful Jacque Riehl of Riehl Events!  Today, she’ll be letting us in on the Rehearsal Dinner design, complete with a peek at her inspiration board! (Rememeber, I’m a BIG fan of the inspiration board!)  Take it away Jacque!

Above: Mary’s Inspiration Board via Jacque Riehl

“Today I want to share with you all about the design for Mary’s first event, the rehearsal dinner. With Mary, her love of food influences every aspect of her life.  From her TV show that many of us watched for years and years to her fabulous catering company, Culinary Crafts, Mary is all about filling her home with people that she loves and her kitchen with the sights, smells and tastes that are creations from her love for those people.  She started Culinary Crafts wanting to share that love with the world and it’s because of that passion that Culinary Crafts is now the number one caterer in the state of Utah.  It seems only natural that each event Mary is planning for her and Rick’s wedding is completely centered around food and the design aspect only enhances what is being served to her lucky guests.

For the rehearsal, Mary wanted to keep the atmosphere light and casual.  She wanted to serve great grilled items; things that are fun to sit around and watch someone prepare. I won’t get too much into the food, as Mary will be sharing that with you next week (you WON’T want to miss that post!), but we decided to take that fun casual atmosphere and create an English Garden poolside event glamorous enough for the likes of Mary Crafts, but casual enough to be fun and fit into the setting it was being created in!  Sounds smashing, doesn’t it?

Much of design in events is being influenced by the royal wedding and English inspired events are hot, hot, hot! Mary’s events, being the fashionable gal she is, will be no exception… To a point. We are using English influences, for this event, only in the sense of a gorgeous English garden, filled with beautiful frilly flowers, iron wire accents, terra cotta pots, wood utility baskets, and lots of beautiful candlelight.

Her colors for this evening are champagne, citron and coral (told you she was fashionable, eh?). This color palette creates a light and airy fun feel to the whole event.  The guests will be surrounded by gorgeous raw silk and natural linen fabrics, iron wire baskets and candle holders, rough hewn terra cotta pots filled with 5 different types of roses, larkspur, stock, mullet, waxflower, amaranthus, smilax and ladies mantle, and of course, lots and lots of candlelight. They will have the opportunity to play croquet and make their own s’mores over a custom built fire pit and while those marshmallows are toasting, they can read how much they are loved by Mary and Rick via great little plaques that are being custom designed by Riehl Events for the happy couple.  Some examples of those plaques are: s’more laughs, s’more kisses, s’more time spent together… Etc.

The evening will be filled with love, laughter, and the coming together of two families in celebration of true love.  One that is epic for our time – Mary and Rick’s.  It will be a night to remember for a lifetime!”

Thank you so much Jacque!  We are so excited to see it all come together!!