Summer Backyard Soiree


There’s nothing more exciting for a caterer than a client that trusts you and encourages you to flex your culinary muscles! The host of this dinner simply explained, “I want to treat my guests to the something truly special. Food and wine that will surprise and excite them. Over the top but not fussy. Familiar and appealing to all, but something they can’t get anywhere else.” They elaborated, “Assuming money is no object, what would you serve to your own VIP guests? What would you yourselves want to eat and drink? That’s what I want.”  Nothing could be more musical to our ears!


This metric became our mantra for the evening, “What would we want to see/smell/sip/eat/experience?” Ultimately, we built the menu primarily around the core of our own favorites. At every stage, we asked ourselves, “How could this be even better without getting any more complicated?” Eventually when the answer was, “It can’t”, we knew we had landed on the right balance.


This menu was a joy to plate and present, because although premium and elaborate, it was intentionally not fussy (truth: we don’t love plating with tweezers). We hand-picked each side, accoutrement, and garnish with deliberate intention. Yet we also tried to make each plate feel casual, almost homemade. Perhaps our favorite elements of the presentation came from the “room” layout.  We set the wood ovens, mesquite grills, pig rotisserie, and chef tables on the lawn, mere feet away from the dining tables. We removed any line between the back and front of the house. Guests were immersed in every stage of the meal.


In the end, this was our favorite dinner of the year. More than any other, it embodied our brand style, our brand strengths, and our overall intended brand experience. It was the best of our locale, the best of our season, and the best of our team!

20x winner Utah’s Best of State

16x Best of State Caterer

3x Best of the Best / Hospitality

1x Entrepreneur of the Year