Craft Cocktail Kit

$ 29.95

This kit includes all ingredients (sans the alcohol or the non-alcoholic substitutions, which you provide) and complete instructions to make 4 pre-dinner cocktails and 4 after-dinner cocktails which Ryan and Kaleb custom designed for this autumn season.

Juniper-smoked Autumn G&Tea

An elevated and seasonal interpretation of Ryan and Kaleb’s favorite pre-dinner drink. Infused with hand-picked loose leaf herbal teas, and finished with CC’s housemade mountain sage tonic. Light and aromatic – perfect as a refreshing palate cleanser before a meal. But still warm and spicy enough for a fall afternoon. This one tastes best if you have a view of the fall colored leaves on the mountains!

Cacao-bittered and Milk-washed Antrim

We love to resurrect and where possible improve on the classic cocktails of past eras. Cognac, port, cacao bitters . . . are we tempting you yet? Additionally, Ryan and Kaleb will demonstrate and discuss how milk-washing can be the perfect finish for many drinks, especially those that you want to soften and give a silky finish. This one is a common treat at Ryan’s house after a long indulgent dinner, paired with a bite of artisan dark chocolate.

Eat (and drink) well!

Order available for pick up between 9 am -3 pm. December 23rd pick up hours are between 9 am -12 pm.

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