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Do you keep asking how much longer do you have to eat all these groceries? Save yourself time and hassle with this Monthly Meal Subscription! These delicious chef-crafted meals perfect to warm and serve are guaranteed to make your week easier and tastier!

How to sign up? Simple

  1. Pick a plan
    • Plan A – Entrees for your family, perfect for the simple meal!
    • Plan B – Entree, sides, house-made bread, and dessert. Great for that special meal each week!
  2. Note any dietary restrictions.
  3. Select a location for pick-up
    • Pick up from the Culinary Crafts Commissary
      573 W State Road, Pleasant Grove.
    •  Pick Up  from The Tasting Room
      357 W 200 S Salt Lake City.
  4. Select Pick-up time.
  5. Add extra meals for your family or friends!
  6. Check out to subscribe for the month.

June Menu:

  • 10th & 11th  entree: braised beef short ribs, red wine demi, Robuchon style potatoes.
    sides: spinach, strawberries, asparagus, goat cheese, mint vinaigrette
    house-made bread
    mini chocolate bundt cakes
  • 17th & 18th – entree: chicken massaman curry with basmati rice
    sides: strawberry soup, basil, black pepper
    house-made bread
    chocolate chip cookies
  • 24th & 25th – entree: slow-roasted pork ribs with macaroni and cheese
    sides: rainbow chard, BBQ beats, granola, house ricotta, cider dressing
    house-made bread
    strawberry shortcakes with vanilla whipped cream

Pick up is every Wednesday between 9 AM-5 PM


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