VIP pass to the kitchen t-shirt

$ 30.00

With each stain and splatter, your shirt becomes a memoir of culinary conquests – a wearable recipe journal where spaghetti meets splat-ti. You’ll strut through the kitchen like a culinary rockstar, turning heads and tickling taste buds with every step.

So why blend in when you can stand out like a mischievous dash of paprika in a sea of salt? Embrace the chaos, wear the spills with pride, and let your “Flavorful Fiasco” shirt announce to the world that you’re a culinary maestro, unafraid to season life with a pinch of humor and a dollop of deliciousness.

27x winner Utah’s Best of State

24x Best of State Caterer

3x Best of the Best / Hospitality

1x Entrepreneur of the Year