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This gorgeous photography by Alyssa Vincent Photography via Small Fry

Hello all!  We are pleased as punch to share this “Little Foodies” feature that Small Fry blog posted this past week!  Our chef, Marco Niccoli, led these Little Foodies on a culinary adventure to make some pretty awesome (and delicious) wood fired pizzas – complete with instruction on hand tossing the pizza crust, adding any toppings you could imagine, and baking it.  These kids were seriously gifted and created some good-lookin’ pizza.  Yum!  Also make sure to check out Small Fry.  I love their style, attention to detail, and super creative ideas!  Happy Friday everyone!

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Sundance 2013 | Favorite Finds Friday

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It’s here!!!  The 2013 Sundance Film Festival started yesterday and we are SO excited!  We have even more amazing events that we are involved in this year and we can’t wait to rub shoulders with the best of the best!  The festival goes through the 27th, so make sure you catch one of the many AWESOME films that are available!  Happy movie-going everyone!

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Cookie Recipes Revisited | Favorite Finds Friday

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Hello all!  Coming down off of the AWESOME Confection Connection Cookie Exchange we participated in this past week, I thought it would be fun to share some of our “Oldies, but Goodies” for any last minute treats you may be thinking of making.  These recipes are tried and true, from our family to yours and we hope they become a part of you family tradition as well!  Take a look!

Mary Crafts’s family recipe!  You can find her making these with her grandchildren every Christmas!

A family favorite passed down from generation to generation.  It has been in my family for well over 50 years!

Mary’s FAMOUS (and did I mention delicious?) Homemade Fudge recipe.  Simply to-die-for and a perfect gift for any one with a bit of a sweet tooth!

Jocelyn’s Sugar Cookie Bars are her signature recipe and simply divine.  Definitely a favorite around our kitchens!

I hope this inspires you to show the people you love how much you care by treating them with some home made gifts!  Remember, gifts from the heart are always the best!   Also, the blog will be taking a break for the Christmas holiday so we at Culinary Crafts can spend time with our families and celebrate.  We hope you do the same and we’ll be back after Christmas!

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BIG NEWS! Alta Moda Sample Sale | Favorite Finds Friday

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Oh my goodness we are SOOOOO excited!   Alta Moda bridal boutique will host their annual Sample Sale on Saturday, December 15, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m – and if you are looking for a dress, you CANNOT miss this event!  Its seriously the best, best, best sale to get a GORGEOUS designer gown of your dreams – at seriously discounted prices.  It’s so AWESOME and I can’t believe it’s already here!  Here are the deets from Alta Moda:

Brides-to-be are invited to line up early for a selection of more than 50 couture wedding dresses marked down 50 to 85 percent. Gowns start as low as $500, with many under $1000.

There will be dresses from all of your favorite designers; Jorge Manuel, Anne Barge, Augusta Jones, Modern Trousseau, Vera Wang, and more.

Things you’ll want to know:

    •    Sale hours are 10am – 2pm, December 15th only
    •    No appointments: First come, First served (wait list)
    •    Gowns are sold as is, alterations not included
    •    Only sample sale gowns will be on display
    •    No holds and all sales final – come ready to buy
    •    Most gowns are suited for street sizes 4-12
    •    We only do this once a year, so now is the time
    •    Space is limited; only one or two key decision makers/guests per bride

We love our gowns and treat them with the best of care, so you can be assured you are getting your dream dress at a coveted price.

This really is the sale to end all sales. At last year’s sample sale, the Alta Moda staff arrived an hour early to find there were already more than a dozen brides and their moms lined-up outside the doors. Brides show up early, and know exactly what they are going to find: a gorgeous dress at a steal of a price.

Come early, wear a warm coat, and bring hot cocoa or coffee to keep warm. Doors will open at exactly 10 a.m., and you’ll be welcomed into the shop to stay warm and cozy as you wait for your consultation. Once inside, your name will be put on a list in order of the line/arrival so you can find a seat and wait for your name to be called– no fuss, and no need to hold your place!

Consultations will be limited to 40 minutes. We’ll be running many more fitting rooms than usual to help get you in your dream dress as quickly as we can. And just because it’s a sample sale, it doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Each bride will get an experienced consultant from start to finish. Our consultants know all the gowns (by name, and inside and out), all the tricks, and how to make sure you are beyond thrilled. Only four gowns can be initially selected, but your consultant will guide you and make sure you try on the perfect styles until you find the one.

Come ready to buy the dress of your dreams!

Good luck and happy shopping, ladies!

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A Perfect Fall Recipe! | Favorite Finds Friday

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We at Culinary Crafts LOVED that we were asked to represent as the Salt Lake/Park Ciy caterer in the recent Utah Bride Blog fall editorial!  We had so much fun creating the wonderful menu and working with a team of such talented vendors, all of whom we just love to pieces.  In honor of our fabulous shoot, we’ve decided to share our recipe for the simply divine Butternut Squash soup – which is a perfect fall addition to any menu!  Enjoy!

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Photo courtesy of Pepper Nix Photography

DIY Project: Wine Bottle Glasses! | Favorite Finds Friday

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Today, I’d like to share a nifty little DIY project that we at Culinary Crafts recently put into good use at one of our weddings (which was GORGEOUS – by the way) and couldn’t resist sharing it with you!  These upcycled wine bottle glasses are really very easy and a BEAUTIFUL addition to any event or party you might be having!  Take a look!

All you need to do to make these little beauties is a wine bottle, string, lighter fluid, a lighter, and some sand paper.  Firstly, dip your string in the lighter fluid then tie it around the wine bottle.  Make sure the string is fairly straight so your glass has a nice edge.  Next, use the lighter to light the string on fire.  Let it burn for a couple seconds and then blow it out.  Remove the string and tape the line where the string burned lightly until the top of the wine bottle separates from the bottle.  Then take the sand paper and sand down the cut top of the glass to eliminate sharp or dangerous edges.  That’s it!  You now have a wonderful, upcycled glass that is pretty and made of reclaimed materials!  Pretty awesome, if you ask me!  Happy weekend everyone!

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Photos by Keith Westerberg

A Perfect Engagement | Favorite Finds Friday

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Today, I’d like to showcase Mary Crafts’s daughter Meagan and her BEAUTIFUL engagements, captured by the ever so talented Jacque Lynn of Jacque Lynn Photography!  I love these engagements even more because they tell Meagan and Clayton’s story.  Meagan and Clayton started their engagements where they started their courtship, on stage!  (They met each other at Tuachan.)  Next, they revisited their first date which was a picnic – how cute!  I love the trend of people letting their engagements tell people more about the couple’s personality, rather than a stiff posed portrait.  These are so gorgeous and I love the way Meagan and Clayton are so naturally at ease with each other – and it helps to have an amazing photographer like Jacque Lynn too!  We are so excited for Meagan and Clayton’s upcoming wedding (the countdown is starting!) and I couldn’t resist sharing these with all of you!  Take a look!

Thank you to Jacque for sharing these photos with us and CONGRATS to Meagan and Clayton!  You two are perfect for each other!  Happy weekend!

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Photos by Jacque Lynn Photography

Vendor Spotlight: In The Event | Favorite Finds Friday

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Today, I’d like to share one of Culinary Crafts’s newest favorite vendors, In the EventIn The Event is a super high end, technologically wow-ing event rental company with custom rentals for the most over the top dreamer!  Ali Dempsy from In The Event says this about the company, In The Event is a full service event design company providing the ultimate in products and services to our clients throughout the U.S.  We are the only wireless LED decor house in the Utah area, specializing in modular LED furniture, modular tables, bars, cubes, walls, towers, and dance floors.  We pride ourselves on bringing innovative event design and decor to the Utah area.  With an emphasis in corporate events, we manufacture many items in house to offer our clients custom products and design that will keep company events exciting and new each year.”  That doesn’t mean that weddings can’t use them for an over the top club feel, or a super AMAZING LED dance floor, or even a snazzy lounge area with your custom monogram to toast the newlyweds!  Here are just a few of the AWESOME events to showcase the great stuff the do.

The also have a guarantee that every event is 100% unique, meaning that they never duplicated and get creative with their offerings to make sure your event is 100 % yours and totally tailored to you!  PLUS, they are GREEN!  We love our partners in enviromental stewardship, as if we did think they were the bee’s knees anyhow!  This company is definitely a must for the event that needs something a little bit over the top and out of this world, plus they are super nice!  If you are planning an event, definitely check them out!  Happy planning everyone!

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Images provided by In The Event