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Quinoa Ideas | Food Theory Thursday

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Clockwise from the top left:  Almond Cranberry Quinoa Cookies from Bon Appetit, Pumpkin Quinoa Breakfast from MakeandTakes.com,  Quinoa Pilaf from Weis Markets, Quinoa Salad from Food & Style

Its January, and while that means we are freezing with the chilly weather (but still hoping for snow), it also means many of us have made a resolution to eat better and lose weight.  Sometimes that can be hard because people slip into a rut of eating the same old thing day after day to ensure they stick to a healthy diet.  It doesn’t have to be that way though!  Adding Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) is definitely something to consider to mix it up!  It resembles couscous and is packed with nutrition and is high in protein – plus this little grain is so easy to use in EVERY meal.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, even dessert – quinoa recipes are vast and DELICIOUS.  Mary Crafts, who is also a big fan of Quinoa, shared her super simple, and super healthful preparation of Quinoa.

“Cook the Quinoa and dress lightly with EVO, a splash of balsamic vinegar, and salt & pepper to taste.  Chill.  Add scallions and sun roasted peppers and voila!  You have a super healthy side dish full of fiber, protein, and nutrients!”

We at Culinary Crafts LOVE Quinoa and it is definitely a favorite on our menus.  One of Mary’s particular favorites on our menus is a warm Quinoa salad with arugula and sun roasted tomatoes.  YUM!!!  Happy cooking!

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Mary Guest Hosts a Cooking Class!

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Last week, Mary had the honor of hosting the first cooking class of the bloganista JoLynn’s spring 2011 series!  Check out her blog here.  JoLynn was kind enough to share some photos with us, and may I say it looks delicious!  Check it out!

How scrumptious does this look?  There’s salmon, fresh mango salsa, crispy Asian noodles, drizzled with a honey balsamic reduction…  Yum!

Some treats and coconut gelato with fresh mango salsa.  AMAZING!

Thank you JoLynn for sharing these wonderful pictures with us!  I’m always impressed by what Mary “cooks” up!

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A Rustic Romantic Wedding

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Today, I’d like to show you a wedding at one of our favorite venues: Red Cliff Ranch!  This wedding is bursting with elegance and rich detail, and I’m not going to lie…  I am in love!  Let’s look at some pictures!

What a gorgeous view!  Red Cliff Ranch is in Heber Canyon and you just can’t find a venue like this anywhere else!

How gorgeous is this cake?  And they had their guests leave a fingerprint and name on a tree sketch!  What a fun alternative to a guestbook!

These.  Flowers. Are. STUNNING.  Simply stunning.  And how beautiful are the place settings on those wooden vineyard tables?!

The food was simply delectable!  Using a menu of the most outstanding local vendors, this couple didn’t skimp on delicious offerings for their guests including Morgan Valley Lamb, Amano Chocolates, Drake Family Farm Goat Cheese, and Rocky Mountain Trout!

What a fantastic wedding!  And Red Cliff Ranch is a stunning retreat to have just about any event.  Just beautiful.  I hope this inspires you to plan a little rustic romance of your own!

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Photo credits: Keith Westerberg

A Tour of Italy: Part II

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Ah… Italy!  Is there ever enough said about it?  I mean the buildings, the beauty, and, don’t forget, the food!  So, of course, we aren’t done featuring Mary’s recent trip to bella Italia.  You can see the first post here.  Today, she shows us one of the culinary wonders on the Amalfi Coast.  Here’s a little bit about it from Mary:

“My spirit lives and breaths everything Italian.  One of my favorite restaurants on my recent culinary tour was on the southern Amalfi coast in a little town nestled high above the sea.  As you can see from the elegant offerings, each bite was to be savored both by eye and palette.  You are sure to see some of the scrumptious dishes on our newest Culinary Crafts menus!”

Mary, looking so chic!

What a beautiful view.  No wonder it was a favorite!

What artful and delicious looking dishes!  I love the attention to detail in every plating.  It truly is amazing how the simplest touches really take something into the next level of artistry.  Buono appettit!

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A Tour of Italy

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Mary takes on Italy!!!  Mary is sure she was switched at birth and she is really Italian.  This is her third trip to her favorite food mecca…Italy!  This trip took her to the Amalfi Coast and Sicily.  A group of adventuresome caterers from the International Caterers Association began their journey with baking classes from famed Chef Salvatore De Riso…holder of 2 coveted Michelin Stars.  Chef demonstrated one of his wedding cake masterpieces and even some Chocolate Cinnamon Eggplant.   And every Italian chef ends the presentation with kisses to the women!  And now, some pictures!

What a delicious tour and what a fantastic trip!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Mary Crafts Featured in Catering Magazine!

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I am so excited to let you all know that our very own Mary Crafts was featured in an article in the reknown Catering Magazine!  The July/August issue had an article featuring the Mellor wedding which you might remember from this post.  Here’s a peek at the article:

Congrats to you Mary!  And thank you to Catering Magazine!

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A Romantic Wedding with Vintage Details: The Cocktail Hour

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It’s time for another installment of this truly breathtaking wedding and this time, it’s all about the cocktail hour!  What a wonderful way to start a spectacular event.  Here is a little more about this wedding from Mary, who oversaw it all:

“Lauren selected the lush garden setting at the American Fork Amphitheater where dinner guests were greeted with butler-passed hors d’oeuvres and summer beverages.  Guests love the “Cocktail Lounge” as a place to gather before dinner, and retreat for a quiet place during the party.”

Here are some photos from the event:

How cute are these drink tags?  And what perfect summer drinks to have!  Remember that cocktail hours are a great way to give your guests some time to sit, mingle, and relax before the festivities start!

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