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New Venue Spotlight: The Falls

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Culinary Crafts is always on the lookout for new and AMAZING venues.  Well, Salt Lake City, get ready because The Falls Event Center is opening at Trolley Square in December 2015! Culinary Crafts is beyond excited to be one of its EXCLUSIVE caterers as The Falls promises to be an elegant and unique venue with loads of options for weddings, corporate, and social events.  Another fantastic feature?  This urban chic venue boasts an adjoining courtyard for outdoor cocktail hours, ceremonies, etc.  So stylish and versatile!


This is the perfect space for any event, whether it be intimate or large.  The north building can host parties of up to 360 for seated events or up to 700 for reception-style events.  Capacity increases even more with the use of both the north and south building, plus you can entertain in style because they have high tech video and sound equipment on-site.  We are so excited to welcome this venue space and we can’t wait to be a part of the events that will be held there soon!  Happy planning, everyone!

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Venue Love: Rice Eccles Stadium

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Today, I’d like to share a little love for one of Culinary Crafts’s FAVORITE venues: Rice Eccles Stadium!  Recently, we had the honor of catering the Jet Blue “Inspiring Humanity” Gala at this stunning locale and we were reminded just how beautiful this space is!  With floor to ceiling windows to the west and a two tiered layout, this place is sure to appeal to anyone.  Check it out!

Rice Eccles Stadium is located in the heart of the University of Utah campus and, man, is it a pretty building!


This is one of the fantastic views out of those floor to ceiling east windows.  Pretty awesome, isn’t it?


On the east side of the space, you get a great view of the actual stadium, which Jet Blue used to showcase their US hub map for the occasion.  The guests LOVED it!


And, not to be outdone by the west side’s views, the east side windows that overlook the stadium still boast some AMAZING views of the mountains and campus too!


This is the mezzanine level of the space which is PERFECT for cocktail hours before a reception, or in this case, the plated dinner and award ceremony.  Added bonus?  The guests had a great time watching the main floor transform and get the final touches before the main event – which definitely increased the sense of excitement!


And here is the main space!  Pretty stunning, right?  I LOVE the high ceilings, the cool white walls, and the sense of grandeur that you get when you stand in this space.  Plus, the white walls are just begging to be transformed into your personal vision!  Whether is be a super chic, modern award gala or a vintage, elegant reception – any look is completely at home here.



I love how many long tables we got to use at this event – with plenty of room to spare!


As the sun began to set, they brought up the shades over the windows and it made for a pretty spectacular backdrop as the awards were handed out!


We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how this event turned out and Rice Eccles was the PERFECT venue!  I’m sure you are all wondering where the details of the event are, but don’t worry!  We’ll be bringing you more from this AMAZING awards ceremony soon, so you’ll get to see all the awesomeness from that night!  Stay tuned, everyone!

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First two photos by Pepper Nix Photography and all other photos by Angela Howard Photography, A Pepper Nix Photographer

Mini Appetizers & Drinks! | Food Theory Thursday

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Hi all!  Today I want to share a really cool trend I see in catering right now.  Serving your appetizers with a perfectly paired mini beverage!  Not only is it tasty, but it quenches your guests appetite and thirst!  And, luckily for you, I have a whole bunch of awesome examples to show you!  Take a look!

Starting at the top from left to right: Chianti and Beef Pot Roast, Fried Chicken and Coca-Cola, Chocolate Donuts and Milk, Fried Oysters and a Blood Orange Mojito, Mini Tacos and Patron, Sugared Donuts and Hot Chocolate, Ahi Tacos and Margaritas, Ale and Short Rib Sandwiches, Beer and Beef Tenderloin, Brownie and Chocolate Milkshake, Milk and Cookie, Sugared Donuts and Espresso, and PB&Js with Milk

So cool, right?  And completely delicious!  But, there are so many more options!  How about a mini slider with a milkshake?  Or a cherry coke?  Or sushi with a mini sake shooter?  Caprese salad with basil lemonade? Fried chicken and sweet tea? Mini Champagne bottles and a macaron?  Seriously, the possibilities are endless!  If you are thinking about serving appetizers at your event, you should definitely consider pairing it with a mini beverage to take it up a notch!  Your guests will be impressed (and grateful) that you’ve thought of it! Happy planning!

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Photo creditsRow 1: Both Images Peter Callahan; Row 2: Donut image via La Receta de la Felicidad, Fried Oyster Image and Patron & Taco Image via Peter Callahan; Row 3: Hot Chocolate & Donut Image via Martha Stewart, Taco Image via Colin Cowie Weddings, Beer and Shortribs Image via Peter Callahan; Row 4: Beer and Beer Image via Peter Callahan, Milkshake and Brownie image via Project Wedding; Row 5: Milk & Cookie Image via Peter Callahan, Donut and Espresso image via My Wedding Reception Ideas, PB&J Image via ME Events & Design


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Since we’re in the middle of wedding season, I thought to post some indoor venue options that are off the beaten path.  Yes, there are gorgeous garden venues such as Red Butte Gardens, McCune Mansion, and Rose Sachs Gardens that blow me away with their gorgeous settings, but, these next few are just a bit different for the more eclectic brides or the brides looking for some different details in their wedding….ricart-libraryThis is a recent wedding at The Salt Lake Library.  Not only is it a really cool architectural space, but you can have a lot of fun naming your tables after authors and tying the books and bookshelves into your wedding.

716468620_zphjh-lThis is the Black box at the Utah Opera House.  It is a blank canvas which,enhanced by lighting, becomes a chic and sophisticated venue for those who are interested in the Dramatic.

814186341_3jphx-l1This is Rice Eccles Stadium and whether your a Ute or a Cougar, nothing competes with these views!

salt-lake-hardwareThis is the Salt Lake Hardware building and one of Salt Lake’s hidden treasures. It’s a delicate mix of industrial and sophisticated with it’s great history and modern renovations.

All photos courtesy of Zuma Photo


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Here’s a glimpse of the Lori Bush wedding reception…what an elegant, upscale and fresh menu! And, her candy table that we custom designed for her was to die for…she wanted it on a round table at the entry which created a hurdle for me as I don’t think you get the WOW affect from a candy table without a great backdrop. So, I thought…how will I create that POP to draw the eye…I did it by creating symmetry around the table alternating the customized bags with different custom made sweets…it was fantastic and delicious…check out the photos here. All photos courtesy of beautiful Logan with Zumaphoto







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Chad Swan with Swanavations is truly a creative genius! If we want to have a beautiful container to display our food or a fun slide for beverages, Chad works with us to determine the look and feel through the details of our events. I chose 2 different events here…the first event shows the carving that Chad did to a fruit tray. In order to customize an otherwise simple tray…he used the pattern from the table runner and copied the pattern onto the ice! It was brilliant! The second event shows a fun beverage slide and custom containers to hold the fruit around a chocolate fountain. I asked Chad for a vintage feel and this is what he came up with! Again, fabulous! This set up made the chocolate fountain feel refreshingly new and fresh again rather than “the same old” it is this type of detail that can set an event apart from just any old reception.


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Bellisima Martina! Our beautiful Italian bride could have nothing else but a sophisticated, tasteful, and wonderfully detailed reception. I loved working with her and…every time we met, it brightened my day! Every Blooming Thing provided the gorgeous flowers and Red Butte Gardens hosted this beautiful reception. Congratulations Martina and Nathan! Photos courtesy of Logan from Zumaphoto




New Vineyard tables add elegance and sophistication

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Long, wooden, vineyard tables add elegance and sophistication to an otherwise typical outdoor wedding. We are always searching for new ways to improve the wedding experience here in Utah and these tables just seem to be perfect for an intimate gathering with family and friends. Be it under strung lights and lanterns in an outdoor garden setting or in a chic urban loft setting, these tables add richness and warmth to any event. We will be using these tables on several events over the summer and some of our clients have chosen the chiavari chairs as the seating while other choose to have wooden benches with pillows laid on top. Either way, the look is polished and detailed…while not feeling overly stuffy. I have attached a photo of a recent wedding where Jacque Riehl from Riehl Events featured the vineyard tables with warm red lighting and sophisticated flowers. Jacque chose to line up a series of the tables to form 3 long family style tables. The wedding was at the Salt Lake Hardware building and the tables fit so perfectly with the Hardware’s funky edge and sophistication. Jacque ran one long runner down the tables with a gorgeous accent of candles and modern, simple flowers by Studio Stems.

Wooden vineyard tables and tons of candles add warmth and sophistication to the Salt Lake Hardware Building

Wooden vineyard tables and tons of candles add warmth and sophistication to the Salt Lake Hardware Building

Latest Sweet Creation!

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Check out this decadent chocolate birthday cake we made for a client this week.  It is a two tier chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and glazed with chocolate ganache.  The decorations are tulips made out of modeling chocolate.

Unique Wedding Favors

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French macarons are my favorite cookie. Nothing…and i mean nothing, compares!   They are delicate and full of flavor at the same time.   Our baker, Sam, has perfected them!  We are now featuring macaron trees on our dessert buffets and serving these delightful little bites along side our gelato or with light and airy mousse for a more formal dessert.   We can coordinate them to your colors and we offer flavors such as passion fruit chocolate, rosewater, and orange creamsicle.  Just think of the color and we can make it happen…one side white with a red dot in the middle, the other side red with a white dot or white with a light pink dust.  These make a fabulous favor as we have shown in the attached photos and can also be packaged in color coordinated boxes, tied with a ribbon.  Enjoy!