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Red Cliff Ranch Romance on You May Kiss The Blog!

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We are so thrilled to see this GORGEOUS Red Cliff Ranch wedding on You May Kiss The Blog today!  It was a beautiful celebration with natural, sophisticated touches, and FABULOUS food to boot!  Here are a couple quick peeks, but check out the full post here.


We loved the beautiful design by Events by LMG.  It was perfect, timeless, and amazing – as usual!


Love the food!  Grilled Utah Trout, heirloom tomato caprese salad, roasted potatoes, Artisan housemade breads… Yum!


These individual cherry pies are my FAVORITE!  So cute and delicious!

Loved this event and thank you to You May Kiss The Blog for featuring it!  Happy planning everyone!

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Photos by ZumaPhoto


Wedding Ring Alternatives | Favorite Finds Friday

By | Favorite Find Friday

As you all know, the season of Valentine’s Day is upon us and with that many newly engaged couples are going to be popping up very soon!  Now, I know many of you out there have dreamed of your perfect ring for when your perfect person asks you to marry them, and I must note that I love the traditional and classic style of rings that are out there.  Clean lines, gorgeous gems, and sparkling shine – what’s not to love?  But, what if you are looking for something a little bit different?  Something a little more personal or out of the ordinary?  Luckily, the options are endless!  I’ve compiled some of my very favorites and love the different options and materials that are out there now!  Check it out!

Clockwise from the top left: Braille rings, Scattered Diamond Fingerprint ring, ‘I Do’ Laser Cut rings and Sterling Silver Fingerprint ring.

These rings are the most personalized I’ve ever seen.  From the braille ring, to the wedding rings that hold your honey’s fingerprint inside the band, to a laser cut ring that shows the wavelength of you and your spouse saying “I do.”  Seriously, these rings are amazingly personal and one of a kind, not to mention GORGEOUS!

Clockwise from the top left: Purr Wooden ring, Diamond and Wood ring, Offset Turquoise Inlay rings, Recycled Gold Inlay ringTurquoise and Koa Wood ring, Dinosaur Bone ring, Blue Box Elder and Water Buffalo Horn rings, and Gold Stars (Glitter) ring

These rings are filled with alternative materials.  Wood, stone, recycled metal shavings, dinosaur bones, and even glitter (it actually makes a very gorgeous inlay, and not at all hokey)!  These natural materials are also one of a kind and BEAUTIFUL.

Images courtesy of ZumaPhoto

These last rings are more traditional, yes, and you may even recognize them – they are Mary and her honey, Rick’s, wedding rings!   I really want to highlight the gorgeous pictures you can get of your rings at your wedding.  Not only do you want pictures of you, your loved ones, and all the details you’ve worked so hard on, but aren’t these pictures of the rings GORGEOUS?  And how fun is it to have some really cool set ups of you and your honey’s ring?  I love it!

Whether you are planning to propose on Valentine’s Day or sometime after, hoping to be proposed to, or if you are already engaged but still trying to find that perfect ring – you should definitely check out something that would be one of a kind and the perfect expression of you and your honey, not to mention your personal style!  Happy planning everyone!

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Ciabatta Bread Station | Food Theory Thursday

By | Food Theory Thursday

One of the most delicious and awesome stations that Culinary Crafts offers is the Grilled Ciabatta Station!  This station (pictured above from Mary Crafts-Homer’s wedding reception) is always a hit and provides guests with a myriad of choices to pair with these delicious breads.  From silky goat cheese, to savory sun dried tomato chutney, to sweet balsamic fig chutney, and a selection of  gourmet Beehive Cheeses, you have a mouth-watering array of delightful choices for your guests to nosh on!  Not to mention, we grill our homemade ciabatta bread on site, over mesquite wood chips for optimum flavor and smell!  Yum!  This is also an option that pairs well with nearly ANY menu (and the pairings can be changed to suit your tastes).  Plus, its a relatively inexpensive way to add something extra to your wedding or event food offerings!  It is seriously one of my favorite stations and I think a great option to please the palette of many people!  Happy planning everyone!

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Photos courtesy of Pepper Nix Photography and Logan Walker with ZumaPhoto

Dramatic UMFA Wedding | Wednesday Wisdom

By | Wednesday Wisdom

Today I’d like to share with you one of our favorite weddings of 2011!!!  Held at the UMFA, we were bowled over by this bride’s dramatic and GORGEOUS ceremony.  Classic black and white with bold punches of red gave this event an air of sophistication, drama, and elegance.  And, of course, Culinary Crafts made sure to keep that feeling alive with DELICIOUS food!!!  From butler-passed hors d’oeuvres to a four course plated dinner service, each guest was sure to be dazzled!  Take a look!

I love, love, LOVE this wedding!  The UMFA was the perfect backdrop and the reception design (courtesy of LMG Events) was immaculate!  It was gorgeous and we congratulate the stunning couple and wish them many years of happiness and love!  Happy planning!

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Photos courtesy of Jessica Kettle Photography and Logan Walker with ZumaPhoto


Remodeled Gallivan Center | Favorite Finds Friday

By | Favorite Find Friday

Today, I’d like to share with you one of my new favorite venues: The Newly Remodeled Gallivan Center!  It is GORGEOUS and a perfect fit for the CVB breakfast we catered recently!  Take a look!

What a STUNNING venue!  And we loved this event!  The Gallivan Center would be a perfect fit for a corporate event or a wedding or even a holiday party!  You should definitely go check out the NEW Gallivan Center – especially for ice skating this time of year!  Happy planning everyone!

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Photo credit: Logan Walker, ZumaPhoto

Monday Musings: Spotlight on Scenemakers and Diamond Rental

By | Monday Musings, Vendor Spotlight

What do you get when you combine the vision of Mary Crafts, the rental operations of Diamond Rental, and the award winning design of Scenemakers?  A breathtaking masterpiece to be long remembered!  Two of the FANTASTIC vendors at Mary and Rick’s reception were Diamond Rental and ScenemakersScenemakers was responsible for the AMAZING site design!  And Diamond Rental was responsible for all the BEAUTIFUL rentals!  I mean, remember that tent?  That detail alone was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.  And the way they were designed to frame the reception?  AMAZING!  Take a look!

Scenemakers and Diamond Rental made Mary and Rick’s reception a night their guests would never forget.  Such a breathtaking venue, stunning rentals from Diamond Rental, and Scenemakers‘s design was the icing on the cake!  They both took Mary’s vision of “Surround Tents and Open Courtyard” and turned it into a reality.  Just what Mary and Rick dreamed!  Dinner and dancing under the stars!

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Photo credits: Pepper Nix Photography and ZumaPhoto






Favorite Finds Friday: Our Staff Photos

By | Favorite Find Friday

A couple of weeks ago, we were able to take a staff photo, and for this Favorite Finds Friday, I’d like to share a couple with you!  I know this may sound cheesy (but its totally true) – we are SO blessed to have each and everyone of our staff as part of the Culinary Crafts team because each person is amazing, wonderful, and talented!  Our staff is FABULOUS and each of them are a ‘Favorite Find’!


Thank you to all of our staff for being the best of the best!  We love you!  Happy weekend everyone!

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Photo credit: Logan Walker, ZumaPhoto

Monday Musings: Spotlight on Carrie’s Cakes

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Hello all and Happy Monday!  Today, I’d like to spotlight another one of Mary and Rick’s FANTASTIC vendors: Carrie’s CakesCarrie’s Cakes made their GORGEOUS wedding cake which was one of the beautiful visual pieces that every guest certainly enjoyed!  It was a 5 tier, ivory masterpiece that mimic-ed the style and fabric of Mary’s Augusta Jones gown.  Each tier was slightly different but all culminated to create this wonderful wedding cake!  Take a look!

Carrie and her crew are definitely the masters of beautifully constructed cakes.  They build the wild, the great, the intricate, the elegant, and the whimsical.  Anything you could dream, Carrie’s Cakes can make!  Thank you Carrie’s Cakes for creating a stunning cake that Mary and Rick (as well as their guests) will never forget!  And, also, a thank you to Scenemakers for putting the “icing” on the cake with dozens of ivory roses at the cake’s base and an aubergine L’amour linen set atop hundreds of beautiful rose petals making for a breathtaking presentation!  Stay tuned for a spotlight on Scenemakers soon!

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Photo credits: Pepper Nix Photography and Logan Walker of  ZumaPhoto

Food Theory Thursday: Mango Salsa Recipe

By | Food Theory Thursday, Recipes

Culinary Crafts strives to create delectable and delicious food – for all palettes – and this mango salsa is no exception.
I love this recipe!  Its great for chicken, salmon, vegan/vegetarian fare, and even gluten free meals.  With the beautiful weather outside, there is still plenty time to grill outdoors too! You could dress up a grilled breast of chicken by garnishing it with this salsa or put it in an grilled eggplant quesadilla.  Yum!  Happy cooking everyone!

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Image credit: Logan Walker of ZumaPhoto

Pharmacy Cup Polo Match: The Event

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Hello dear readers and I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend!  Today, we’d like to share the last post from the FANTASTIC University of Utah Pharmacy Cup Polo Match – and this time, its all about the hats, polo match, and the legendary “Stomping of the Divots”!  Let’s check it out!

A quick overview of the auction, the FOOD (I can’t get enough of it!), and even Mary and Rick making sure everything is going off without a hitch!  The Pharmacy Cup was truly THE place to be!

Did I mention the hats!?  There were so many to see – all from chic and stylish to completely fun and whimsical!

One of the most recognized parts of any polo match is the “Stomping of the Divots” and the Pharmacy Cup did not dissappoint!  All the guests were out on the green taking part in this long standing tradition – and having a blast!

Talk about full service catering!  Culinary Crafts made sure all the guests were refreshed during the match and the stomping of the divots!

Lastly, they awarded the best hat a fantastic prize – and may I say it was definitely MY favorite hat as well!  This gent made his hat – complete with a dog biscuit ribbon accent!  A very well deserved win!

The Pharmacy Cup Polo Match was, by far, one of the most outstanding events that Culinary Crafts has had the honor of participating in all year.  Thank you so much for letting us add to the beauty and elegance of it all!  I hope you, our readers, enjoyed it as much as we did!

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Photo credit: Mitch Burt of ZumaPhoto and Keith Westerberg