Are you looking around for the perfect venue for your event?  One with lush gardens, a spectacular outdoor setting, and an Orangerie to boot?  Well, let me tell you about Red Butte Garden. Red Butte Garden is a beautiful setting for weddings, anniversaries, corporate retreats, holiday parties, or just about any special occasion. Remember that Orangerie I mentioned?  Well the Richard K. Hemingway Orangerie is a spectacular setting with floor to ceiling windows so you can fully appreciate the gorgeous mountains to the east and the breathtaking Salt Lake Valley to the west.  And its open all year long! In the warmer summer months, you can even hold your ceremony in select areas on the Garden for an out of the ordinary location.  This is the kind of place that will put you in a whole new frame of mind…  The perfect place to bring your event to life!  Now, let’s see some pictures!

What a gorgeous place for a wedding ceremony!  Seriously, drop dead GORGEOUS!

How spectacular is this patio?  What a fun way to dance the night away in the open air under the stars….  So pretty!  I hope this inspires you to check out some venues that provide you spectacular environments in the Great Outdoors!  Happy planning!

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